Wiring & Rewiring

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SoPro Electrician is a licensed and insured electrical contractor serving Anaheim. We provide wiring and rewiring solutions for commercial and residential owners.

At SoPro Electrician, we ensure high-quality wiring solutions guaranteed to be safe for your family and property. We also know that poorly done wiring can result into fatal accidents causing losses. That is why we provide our customers experienced and trained personnel to ensure safe connections.

Therefore, when putting up a new residential property or even an office block, contact SoPro Electrician for wiring solutions. By choosing us, you will enjoy high-quality services and at an affordable pricing.

House wiring solutions

In electrical installation, wiring is an important part. Remember that if poorly done, wiring can result into electrical fires costing your life or even loss of entire property. Therefore, you should never take chance with electrical wiring. Hire qualified electricians at SoPro Electrician for high-quality wiring solutions. Our electrical engineers will inspect the scope of work and advice on the wires that needs to be used. We source high-quality wires from trusted manufacturers of electrical components. The technicians at SoPro Electrician know how to check genuine electrical cables. This has been the top secret to ensuring that we deliver lasting solutions for our customers. This way, we are able to deliver to 100% satisfaction.


To schedule for electrical wiring and rewiring, call us via our office number. We are always ready to serve you and we appreciate every opportunity granted to us. Our office number is (805)774-0193

Get rewiring done at an affordable pricing

If your property was built and electrical installation done before 1980, it is advisable that you consider rewiring solutions. Talk SoPro Electrician for professional electrical wiring solutions. We come with advanced expertise, helping you choose the right wires for your house. We provide affordable solutions guaranteed to serve you for an extended period. We provide high availability, while our technicians deliver the services conveniently, and within the agreed timelines.

Electrical wiring remodeling

If you are planning a remodeling of your house and you need re-routing of the electrical wires, SoPro Electrician provides you qualified experts. We will advise you on the best and most safe route, while we are always ready to meet your expectations. Therefore, choose us today and we promise to deliver quality results.