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SoPro Electrician is a fast-growing electrician company providing high-quality electrical installation and repair services.

By serving the Anaheim area, we specialize in commercial and residential electrical installations. Our electricians are highly qualified experts with a great experience when it comes to electrical installations.

At SoPro Electrician, we understand that time is a valuable resource and should be well spent. Therefore, we show up promptly for the scheduled electrical installations. In addition, we offer flexible working hours which includes a 24 hour availability.

When you choose SoPro Electrician for your electrical installations and repairs, you are guaranteed availability.

Emergency Electrician

With out 24 hour electrician availability, we also offer emergency electrician services. So if you experience any power interruptions or any other electrical emergencies. Then contact us right away and we will be on our way. Read more about our emergency electrician services.

Call (805) 774-0193

Electrical Services

SoPro Electrician provides a premium service using the best electrical materials available in the market. This is in order to deliver a durable solution when it comes to electrical installations. In addition, we are committed to providing you a secure installation that also guards the electrical appliances and those using the electricity. To schedule a service, talk to our customer care agents on (805)774-0193. We are always readily available when it comes to serving our customers. Here are some of the services that we provide to our esteemed customers.

Electrical Panel Upgrading

For qualified electrical panel upgrading, contact SoPro Electrician. We are the premier panel upgrade service providers serving the greater Anaheim area. We have years of experience delivering an outstanding service to our customers. When called upon, we shall make sure that we provide a lasting solution, while our electricians remain readily available for the electrical installations. Therefore, if your electrical consumption has outgrown the electrical panel, consider an upgrade of the electrical panel. We are readily available and we will ensure a fast and efficient response.

Installation of Car Chargers

SoPro Electrician provides EV charging station installation. While the public charging stations provide a suitable backup, nothing beats the convenience of a private EV charging station. For installation of the best EV charging stations in Anaheim, talk to SoPro Electrician. We have knowledgeable electricians who understand the requirements of different vehicle models providing the suitable charging station. At SoPro Electrician, we install EV charging stations that are compatible with different vehicle models and makes, ensuring fast charging experience. For a free quote on the installation of EV charging stations Anaheim, talk to SoPro Electrician today.

Switches / Dimmers / Outlets / GFCI Outlets Installation

SoPro Electrician provides the best electrical services when it comes to the installation of electrical outlets. We have lasting solutions ensuring that your electrical outlet serves you for years. Therefore, if you are looking for the best solutions when it comes to the installation of dimmers or the electrical outlets, SoPro Electrician is the trusted service provider. We shall advise you on the best switch types suitable for the specific application. Therefore, just dial our number and we will be grateful to serve you right.

Installation or Repair of Ceiling Fans

SoPro Electrician is the best service provider when it comes to the installation of ceiling fans. We provide a superior service ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied. At SoPro Electrician, we have the best electricians committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of our customers. Therefore, we ensure a professional installation has been done. We will check the working condition of the ceiling fan and provide suitable repairs to ensure efficiency. When you hire SoPro Electrician for ceiling fans installation, we also provide the best pricing.

Troubleshooting and Repair

SoPro Electrician provides qualified electrical troubleshooting and repair services. Serving the greater Anaheim area for years, we are committed to ensuring that the electrical connection provides an efficient service to our customers. Therefore, we use a state of the art electrical troubleshooting techniques and tools. This ensures that we are able to meet the requirements of our customers every time. When you are experiencing regular electrical faults, we will have a lasting solution. We have experienced electricians who will pinpoint the issue and ensure it is resolved in a fast manner.


Wiring & Rewiring

At SoPro Electrician we offer affordable, yet professional, wiring services. So if you need to rewire your home or business. Then you can count on us.

We have experience in any low and high voltage wiring and its requirements. Read more about our wiring services.

What our clients say

“SoPro Electrician has all modern tools required for any electrician works. They approach their customers in a very well behaved and professional way.”

Amy S.

“SoPro Electrician has the perfectly-educated staff to work in all kinds of situations in the electrician works. They have been providing their services for a long time now as they are above all the competition in the Anaheim”

David H.

“SoPro Electrician has surpassed all the competition in the Anaheim as now they have a very good command all over the city’s wiring, and electrician works. They have tremendous customer support as they respond to any issues very quickly.”

Stanley W.

Contact SoPro Electrician today for electrical panel installation, ceiling fans installation and repair, and various other electrical installation and repair services. Serving commercial and residential customers, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. So by calling us, you can be sure you get the best electrician Anaheim has to offer.